Born in Budapest and spent most of his life residing and working in Ukraine. 

 “My childhood was surrounded by the world of art, it was the reason behind exploring my skills. Mastering my domain as a tattoo artist made me realize that the feeling of tattooing a client and hearing the positive feedback is indeed my gratification." 

 Yevheniy Zhdanov started exploring his tattooing skills in the late 90's. He began tattooing professionally once he received his certification from USSR in 2006. In pursuit of his profession, he proceeded forward as a guest artist around Ukrain, Russia, Hungary, Jordan, Egypt and Dubai up until present day. 

Participating in Odessa, Keiv Lviv local conventions allowed for the rise of an admiration towards his work from people. Such recognition allowed Zhdanov the opportunity to be exposed to various styles.  Specializing in Japanese is his main goal. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" he says, where Japanese style may seem simple, but to put a complete piece in harmony with all the elements is not easy.